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        Ezhou Xiangtong Machinery Co.Ltd. is a modern company seceding from Ezhou Tongyong Machinery Group. Integrating scientific research , design and manufacturing, sale and service business, it covers an area of over sixty acres at South Road in Ezhou Diamond Industry Park. Our company has been in machinery industry for years in close cooperation with prominent state owned companies such as Wuhan Ship Machinery, Wuhan Heavy machinery Plant,461 Machinery ,etc. Our main products include: Shoe moulding machines Model XSZ-20J,2XSZ-20J,XSZ-24J,2XSZ-24J,XSZ-16P and 2XSZ-16P.Over the years, we’ve provided quality products and reliable services among customers from all lines, and have gained great social reputation.

        Far from the beginning of the establishment, our company has already set our strategy of “Produce Excellent Products, Provide Brilliant Service” .Based on the high starting point and the pursuit of great quality, we’ve had high-tech talents join us and established cooperation and research on application programs with renowned universities such as Hubei University and Wuhan Ship Institute so that we can keep pace with advanced technology and continuously enhance our core competition.

        We are committed to be the best plastic shoe injection machinery enterprise in china .With our spirit of “being Solidary and friendly ,Innovative and realistic ,managing scientifically ,serving excellently”, we’ve been trying our upmost to create a better future to serve our customers and develop together with our partners.

    Our wish:

        We are committed to be the most productive, the most active in cooperation with all lines, providing the largest variety of products with more specialized and advanced technology.

        Our goal:

    We are dedicated to be specialized and innovative in shoe manufacturing equipments and services as well as the most valuable brand, providing our customers with better and better products and performance beyond the expectation so that we can grow together in harmony with the society .

    Our values:

       “Customers First” .

    As the basic of everything, we’ve been always aware that Placing customers interest in the first place is also the principal requirement and precondition for the enterprises to survive, develop and be competitive.

     Our development perspective is “Being Proactive and Innovative”. Our workers are required to stay positive, dare to innovate, innovate and improve consistently.





    鄂州市祥通機械有限公司 版權所有 黃石百捷 技術支持鄂ICP備15006419號
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